A Removable, Portable Charcoal Super BBQ Grill

A Removable, Portable Charcoal Super BBQ Grill

Charcoal BBQ,the most primitive cooking method of human being,

has always been popular with people from all over the world.The

grill we invented,will make a charcoal grilling for the authentic

ingredients that would be strung together. The ingredients are heated

evenly inside and outside, the moisture of the meat is not lost,the

grilled food is crispy outside and tender inside,the skin is golden,clean

and hygienic,the color is attractive.

No need to attend to the food while grilling,Auto-rotate grilling,no need to brush the oil and other seasoning to the food,easy to use,highly-efficient,self-service grilling and smokeless. You can burn the charcoal for 4 to 6 hours each time,you can use the grills indoor or outdoor.

Making Smoky BBQs A Thing of the past.

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Charcoal Grilled
The Excellence  Of
Small Volume
Can Grill A Lot Of Food
Easy To Use

Install the high temperature glass that will be cleaned in the grill. Push the glass up and disassembly is complete.

Method  Of  Application

1/3 water must be put in the oil box before grilling , which can be insulated and easy to clean after use.

Put the burnt bamboo charcoal into the charcoal box, Hang the charcoal box on the grill with a tool.

Turn the switch on and start grilling. Once you add bamboo charcoal, you can burn it for 3 to 4 hours, the food will be     finished grilling in 5 minutes.
NUMBER: 2016#
PRICE: $590.00
DIM: 445(L) X250 X 320(H)
N.W: 18KG
NUMBER: 2020#
PRICE: $636.00
DIM: 530(L) X250 X 320(H)
N.W: 20KG
NUMBER: 3016#
PRICE: $730.00
DIM: 445(L) X425 X 320(H)
N.W: 31KG
NUMBER: 3020#
PRICE: $800.00
DIM: 530(L) X425 X 320(H)
N.W: 35KG

A lot of people would be salivating at the BBQ when the BBQ are mentioned. Even in the hot summer days, they can't stop visiting the BBQ restaurant. However, the problems of the carcinogens caused by BBQ are also known to all, and this is inevitable that the enjoyment of food will be overshadowed.

Recently, medical thesis pointed out that the meat is soaked or daubed with some BBQ sauce before grilling, which canreduce the production of carcinogens substantially. This news brought gospel to people who loved BBQ. But is it true?

It turn out that when grilling, the temperature may be more than 200 degrees, the protein is highly heated and canproduce carcinogenic "heterocyclic amine" substance (HAAs) at that moment. The more grilled it is, the more carcinogens it contains. At the same time, the nutrient value of protein is reduced in high heat, some amino acidsundergo abnormal cross linking and even degrade. If the meat is scorched and the local temperature is close to 300 degrees, the fat in the meat produces a lot of benzene and pyrene carcinogens ,which can make the BBQ look more fierce.

The mystery of how the BBQ sauce can reduce the production of carcinogens lies in two aspects.

For one thing, it can reduce the temperature of the BBQ. The ingredients such as starch and sugar in BBQ sauce absorb heat first when heated and it can protects the middle section of meat from sudden heat. And in order to preserve the color and state of the sauce, diners will be more careful not to overheat, thus reducing the chances of carcinogens.

On the other hand, some of the beneficial ingredients contained in the BBQ sauce are also responsible for preventing carcinogens. Medical research has found that grilled meats are served with lemon juice, tomato sauce and garlic juice, while acidic conditions and reductive substances block the formation of carcinogens. At the same time, the fooding redients have certain anticancer effect, which is also beneficial to prevent the harmful effects of heating food on the human body.

The BBQ equipment we researched, the temperature control is more stable, carcinogens will be decreased accordingly. If adding the BBQ sauce that is soaked or daubed before grilling, can eliminate the danger that most carcinogens produces. Eating BBQ with raw vegetables, fiber-rich fermented vegetables, soybean paste soup and other edible, also can reduce the harm of carcinogens as far as possible.

In many countries, BBQs are often made in open outdoor where temperatures is out of control and it is too much dangerous when the local temperature rise to more than 300 degrees. Even when grilling in a roasting pan, the temperature is also out of control, the section touching the roasting pan often get burnt and blackened, it is difficult to avoid carcinogens. People usually eat much meat, or they eat scorched vegetables, but they seldom serve with fresh vegetables and fermented foods, their health situation is worrying.

Therefore, there are some suggestions for those who love BBQ as below:

1.Try to avoid eating outdoor BBQ,

2.Control the temperature strictly while grilling, avoid being scorched,

3.If make homemade BBQ, season them with garlic juice ,lemon juice and tomato sauce in advance,

4.Squeeze some tomato sauce and lemon juice for seasoning while eating BBQ,

5.Eat more fresh vegetables and serve them with grilled meats to get as much antioxidants, anti-cancer ingredients anddietary fiber as possible.